Jewellery maker competition

Jewelry making tool provider Cookson Gold’s ‘Gold Ticket’ instant win effort was an enormous success — however, there remain many more opportunities to bag a prize.

The tickets could be changed for amazing prizes, like jewelry making tools and gift coupons.

To date, a variety of bizarre and amazing prizes are claimed by clients, including a Living Aquarium fish tank style lamp, a monkey puppet, and a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ pillow.

Customers also have bagged a variety of goods from Cookson Gold, including Dremel jewellery making a hand torch, a starter soldering kit, a workbench tool kit, tools and saw blades.

However there are still lots of opportunities to win, because the opposition runs till the end of May.

Freepost vouchers
Amazon gift vouchers
Dremel jewellery making tools
A visit to see the Crown Jewels in London
Bead packages
And much more…

“Our Gold Ticket giveaway has proven to be a tremendous success with clients to date.

“Our Facebook page has been overwhelmed with photographs from blessed winners showing off their awards, and we even had a customer scream with joy at one-of our trade counters!

“But whilst Willy Wonka just had five gold tickets to hand out, we have got lots left, therefore there are lots of opportunities to win a prize before the contest finishes on May 31.” “Even in case you are not fortunate enough to get a ticket, you’ll still get a handle in your package — our ‘oompa loompas’ have been handpicking goodies to give away with all orders received during May.”

Before the close of the month, the retailer is slashing costs by up to 50% on beads, jewelry making tools, workbenches, finished jewelry and more.

Adam Hunter said: “Loads of great prizes and huge reductions on tens of thousands of goods? You had believe all the chocolate had gone to our head.

“The fact is, we have come up with this enormous spring blowout to say a gigantic ‘thank you’ to our loyal clients.”

“We have slashed prices across our complete selection of goods, so whether you are a beading buff or an Art Clay aficionado, you are certain to locate some amazing buys.”

Cookson Gold stocks more than 17,000 products for jewelry makers, including jewelry making tools, base metals, settings, solders and chains.

Same day dispatch is supplied as standard on any merchandise ordered before 3pm.

Physical Gold Increases In Value

While official coins were up 18%, based on the most recent World Gold Council craze report for Q1 2013, gold bar investment was up 8% internationally.

Demand for gold jewelry has climbed 12% around the planet in-the first-quarter of-the full year, largely driven by Asia. Gold investment has been aided by lower market prices that has seen while they lasted investors rush to take advantage of bargain prices.

A representative from Physical Gold said:

Gold demand was up previous quarter, so there’s still a potential for gold however.”

Physical Gold Ltd is a top UK gold merchant, assisting investors diversify their portfolios with innovative investment options. Famous for their cutting edge products like Gold Accumulation Account and the Sipp gold, the business specialise in supplying clients with tailored support in sourcing the finest gold for their individual conditions.

UK Gold Trade

The UK gold trade has lately seen a blast of retailers offering cash for gold, as the cost of gold has risen tremendously over the previous couple of years. Nevertheless this bustle of new solutions has found a steep increase in deceitful activity, including misquoting prices and the prohibited fencing of stolen goods.

After months of cooperation between the British Jewellers association and various different organisations, including the Surrey Police, the National Pawnbrokers Association as well as the National Association of Pawnbrokers, the Gold Standard was formally released during April 2012. This really is fantastic news for respectable gold merchants, such as Goldealers.

Acting as a voluntary code of conduct for gold buyers across the UK, its aim would be to create trust in the gold trading business by introducing new countermeasures that make it, one, safer for buyers and sellers alike, and two, increasingly more difficult to vend stolen goods.

Goldealers were quick to sign up as a Gold Standard registered retailer, paving the method for other retailers as an early adopter of the practice. The company are upbeat about the results on the United Kingdom gold trading marketplace, as it sets a standard of trading where none formerly existed, even though it’s still voluntary for dealers to register.

The dealer holds all info and details of the scraped items for three months for policing objectives.” commented a Gold Standard representative.

The authorities have agreed to work closely with Gold Standard registered traders to be able to make sure that stolen goods are properly tracked and recorded, and consequently reduce the possible danger of consumers having their newly bought jewellery seized or being questioned as part of an investigation dealing with illegal goods.

Goldealers expect that registering for the Gold Standard will soon become second nature for retailers everywhere, to be able to properly reduce risks and bring a high level of trust back to the gold trading business.

Swarovski’s Nirvana Collection at the Cannes International Film Festival

To observe the world’s biggest cinematographic assembly, the glowing star amongst Swarovski’s jewelry and accessories lines, the Nirvana group is the primary subject investigated for 2013. Advanced, creative, lusty, and female, the Nirvana ring has enticed lots of focus since it was started eighteen years past. As a token of Swarovski’s exceptional bond with the Cannes Film Festival, Swarovski unveils an unique array of merchandise that actually lives up-to the enchantment of the very sought after film party.

Created as a limited edition of just 93 pieces, a symbolic number that means the amount of precision cut facets of the Nirvana ring, this particular set comes in a valuable blue box that sparkles with each receiver’s crystallized initials. Reserved for the most renowned stars and celebs, the VIP collector package comprises a Nirvana Ring, a Nirvana Baby Necklace, the Nirvana Star Bag along with a pair of Carrie Shades.

Swarovski has the enjoyment of making 18 pieces of the Carrie Shades and the Nirvana Star Bag alone available as small on-line editions for fashionistas purchasing from the Swarovski online shop.

As in previous years, Swarovski will be prepared to present an excellent group of jewelry and accessories in Cannes at the suite at the Hotel Martinez.

Invitees to the suite are certain to get the accessory of their goals in this chamber: couture pieces, exclusive bags in the 2013 “Red Carpet” collection, classic and modern jewellery, along with the most recent creations in the designers of the Atelier Swarovski collection. No less than 2,000 unique pieces are introduced at Cannes to blend the magic of crystal with one of the most amazing silhouettes. For more info please see the Swarovski site.

About Swarovski:
Swarovski contains two major businesses, one selling and making free elements to the other and the business creating design driven finished products. Swarovski crystals have become an important component of international design. Since 1965 the business has also catered to the fine jewellery industry with precision cut created and genuine gemstones. Showing the imagination that lies in the center of the business, Swarovski’s own brand lines of accessories, jewelry and home dcor items can be purchased through more than 1,900 retail outlets worldwide. The Swarovski Crystal Society has close to 325,000 members across-the planet, eager collectors of the famed crystal figurines. And in Wattens, Swarovski Kristallwelten, the multimedia crystal museum, was opened in 1995 as a party of Swarovski’s universe of initiation and inspiration.

Space flower collection launches

It is true to say that good design is very important to Swarovski and it reminds us that it is not just crystals but precision-cut crystal products that continue to shape its business. The brand’s commitment to mentoring designers in fields from fashion to architecture is nicely reflected in the 6-year-old Atelier Swarovski initiative.

Two times a year, Atelier Swarovski launches a new luxury accessories line, of which jewellery is a major part. What makes it worth looking out for, however, is the fact that the collaborators are not, well to be polite, jewellers. They are designers. Just straight forward designers.

Cue new collaborators, design duo Fredrikson Stallard and their ‘Space Flower’ collection. Made up of cluster rings, bracelets and necklaces in polished metal and crystal, the idea, they say, was for the pieces ‘to create a virtual, animated sensation when worn. Like a virtual green meadow’. We’ve worked with plenty of London based landscape gardeners including Garden Designer London who know about green meadows, but less jewellers.

This sounded really intriguing, so we tracked them down to find out a bit more and you can see the results below.

The notion that the jewels change as you wear them is very compelling. How did you create this ‘animated sensation’?
Swarovski crystals are razor sharp in their cut and have an extraordinary ability to refract and reflect light. This was something that we wanted to nurture – to place the crystal into an element that would be able to underline these qualities, but also would allow us to multiply these effects and create flowing patterns that would sit well on the body, move with the body and, in such a way, come to life. Using single crystals allowed reflection and refractions to be magnified and move as the wearer moves. It was like creating a fourth dimension by letting both the crystal and its setting work together in a glamorous and elegant way.

The ergonomics of jewellery design – the scale of it; the fact that it has to work with the body – how did you handle that aspect of the work?
From our point of view, it was all about scale and applying the studio’s ethos and manifesto to the body – we applied the same principles to jewellery that we do with much of our work. The scale is different and this obviously needs to be taken into account in terms of detailing and finishes but, as always, the end result should feel effortless and elegant and be true to the materials and their unique qualities.

Designers and architects often forget that jewellery has to work with the body. The Space Flower pieces are refreshingly considerate in that respect. It is a very sensual and flowing collection. We wanted the pieces to be elegant and feminine, but in a very strong and contemporary way. We also wanted to allow the wearer to combine different pieces to different events, and for some pieces to be worn in different ways, depending on the hours of the day.

Who or what was the muse?
We imagine the wearer of this collection as someone who needs to be elegant and at the same time strong and confident, but still with a contemporary feminine glamour. With much of our work, we embrace the emotional reaction from our audiences whether the end piece is jewellery, furniture or architecture.

What was the overall inspiration?
Whatever we design, we find inspiration in everything, including jewellery design, but our biggest inspiration is the fine art world – this in many ways offers greater creative freedom.

Flawless Diamond Ring Breaks Auction Record

Geneva-based auction house Christie’s has sold a D colour, flawless pear shaped 101 carat diamond ring for a total price of £17.5 million. This has set a world record for a colourless diamond which has been sold at auction.

The May sale of magnificent Jewels was the setting for the auction for this most rare of flawless stones. This was not the only rock that sold for over $1 million, they were in fact 20 lots, with 147 buyers who attended from 31 countries.

The stone which has been newly named the Winston legacy stone, is a 101 carat flawless diamond, and it stole the show. The lucky purchaser was the Swatch group owned hide you rebrand called Harry Winston; who set a new world record at auction for the most paid for a colourless diamond.

The head of jewellery at Christie’s was quoted as saying Harry Winston acquired the most perfect diamond ever offered for sale at auction, the Winston legacy, which continues the tradition of buying and selling only the very best, a trait of the founder Mr Winston himself.

World record prices were set for diamonds, pearls and sapphires, thereby firmly establishing the international appetite for the most beautiful gems and jewels in a record-breaking $102 million auction at Christie’s Geneva.

A world auction record was also set for amounts paid per carat for a sapphire at auction. It was won by a commission shaped cashmere sapphire of 19.88 carats, which sold for £2.29 million.

A similar world record was set for the most paid at auction for a single strand natural pearl necklace; which commanded a price of £5.55 million.

The May sale or is also featured a number of coloured diamonds, one of which was a red VS two diamond weighing 1.92 carats which sold for £2.13 million and set another world record for the price for a red diamond at auction.

Luxury Goods Sector Growth Slows in 2013

We always take it with a pinch of salt when a consultancy firm releases details on the growth of the luxury goods sector, which includes jewellery such as the friendship bracelets you can find at and golden cuffs; however a new report has been released recently which was created in partnership with an organisation called Alta Gama. It revealed that the luxury goods sector didn’t grow as fast in quarter one of 2013 as it had done in the previous quarter in 2012.

The report however was forecasting positive global outlook despite even economic uncertainty, and they believe that there will be growth across the world’s leading and emerging luxury markets throughout 2013 will stop

The report shows the global growth of personal luxury goods actually increase for the third consecutive year in 2012, reaching a total of more than £169 billion.

The most growth was unsurprisingly fuelled by purchases made in Asia and the products that are actually being bought included accessories and hard luxury items such as watches and jewellery. These actually outperformed the market in 2012 up 12% compared to 2011 and is totalled 23% of all personal luxury sales.

Recalling growth in quarter one of 2013 has been blamed on a drop in tourism which has impacted sales across Europe. This has meant a particular decline in tourists coming into Europe from Japan. Once viewed as people who would spend an awful lot of money, the average spend like Chinese tourists has also reportedly dropped quite dramatically as prices have narrowed between Europe and China. This is potentially due to luxury brands wishing to increase the spend within Asia. In addition a number of Chinese tourists are now changing their travel habits, with many more flocking to Australia as they new retail destination.

The report notes that local consumption within Europe has not yet recovered, especially in Mediterranean countries. It is believed that price increases have further threatened sales, as well as the rise of premium brands training market share.

A number of the large luxury good brand are cleaning up their independent wholesale distribution networks, and some brands have cut the number of retail outlets they work with. There are also being reasonably cautious with their retail plans and with the opening of new format stores. They are trialling things like pop-up stores which require less commitment.

It would appear that in the US it is another matter. Luxury personal goods are a growing sector thanks to high consumer confidence and reaction from retailers were offering synchronised in-store and online shopping. This is further bolstered by boosting interest in luxury goods from younger consumers.

The news from China is that single digit growth for domestic consumption is anticipated, whilst the growth of the e-commerce channel within China is set to grow at double-digit rates thanks to a new generation entering the luxury arena through each, us and digital platforms.

It’s worth noting that at the same time China has experiencing kind of polarisation of consumers as cheats. There is still some people who shop for high-end and sophisticated luxury, whilst there is also a kind of fatigue of logo businesses. This means that some aspirational consumers are seeking out accessible luxury or premium brands.

The new Chinese government anticorruption campaign has impacted luxury sales in particular watches, which have now been swapped out for women’s clothing.
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